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company profile

Jiangyin Huaxin Electric Corporation is a China-Hong Kong joint venture founded in 2002. As a science and technology type manufacturing enterprise, Huaxin is professionally engaged in R&D, manufacturing, processing and marketing as a whole in electromagnetic technology area. The main products are various types of high-speed progressive toolings, high precision silicon steel stamping cores, including International Standard EI type silicon steel cores, ballast cores, motor cores, automobile ignition coil cores, power switch cores, sensor cores and so on.


From the development, design and manufacturing of high-speed progressive precision tooling to the process of core manufacturing, we have been continiously bringing in new management philosophy and fully implementing the ISO/TS16949 quality management system and ISO14001 environmental management system. We have supplied to many famous companies in industry of transformer, power tool, household appliances, automobile and aviation components both at home and abroad, and won their consistent high trust.
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The corporate sector


Stamping Workshop

  • Workshop corner
  • Workshop corner
  • Winding core production
  • Tooling debugging
  • Automatic Pressing riveting machines
  • Automatic Pressing riveting machines

Cutting Center

  • High precision cross cutting machine
  • High precision slitting machine
  • Slitting

Engineering Center

  • R & D Center
  • R & D personnel
  • Drawing

Tooling workshop

  • WEDM-LS machines
  • Grinding machine
  • Coordinates Grinding machine
  • Pencil core tooling (upper mold)
  • Pencil core tooling (lower mold)
  • Giant Slalom motor core tooling

Heat treatment workshop

  • Tempering workshop Overview
  • Annealing equipment
  • Instrument cabinet


  • Product warehouse
  • Tooling warehouse
  • Raw materials warehouse

our team

Huaxin has a core team of more than 350 employees, among them there’re over 80 professional technical personnel with university degree or higher, 10 engineers, 8 enterprise management experts, and establishes cooperation between universities, employing experts in the establishment of the “ Institute of Electronic Science and Technology ” committed to precision stamping technology R&D.
  • 100+

  • 10

    Tooling Engineer
  • 5

    Product Engineer
  • 20+

    Professional R & D personnel
  • 20+

    management personnel