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main products

  • Motor Core
  • Micro magnetic cores
  • EI type core
  • 1. Automotive motor cores(Applications: Window lift motors, seat position motors, fan motors, starter motors, EPS power-assisted steering motors, etc.)
  • 2. Electric power tools motor cores(Application: Angle grinder motors, electric hammer motors, electric saw motors, electric drill motors and other electric power tools & gardening tools motors.)
  • 3. Household Appliances motor cores(Application: Washing machine motors, air conditioner fan motors, compressor motors, water pump motors, vacuum cleaner motors, blender motors etc household appliances motors.)
  • 4. Elevator traction machine motor cores(Application: All kinds of elevator traction machine.)
  • 5. Automotive generator stator cores( Application: Farrell, Bosch, Denso series automotive generators.)
  • 6. Other micro motor cores(Application: Series motors, servo motors, brushless motors and other types of micro and special motors.)
  • 7. Automotive generator stator assembly(Application: Automotive generator stator assembly.)
  • 1. Automotive ignition coil(Application: Toyota, BMW, Volkswagen, Ford, Chrysler and other brands of automotive ignition coils.)
  • 2. Low voltage electric(Application: Inverter, PLC, circuit breaker, relay, contactors, low voltage switch and so on.)
  • 3. Sensor cores(Application: Current and voltage sensors for automobile, train, subway, equipments and so on.)
  • 4. Pencil ignition coil cores(Application: Toyota, BMW, Volkswagen, Ford, Chrysler and other brands of car ignition coils.)
  • 1. EI type silicon steel cores for Transformers(Applications: Meter, UPS, power supplies, household appliances and other types of transformers.)
  • 2. Silicon steel cores for Ballasts(Applications: Various kinds of lighting use ballasts, such as street lights, commercial lighting, fluorescent lamp.)
  • 3. Other non-standard EI type(Application: Various power supply, such as Pneumatic tools, household appliances, machine tools.)